Chinese dota is in news with Xiao8,BurNIng, Ferrari_430 under Big God 2.0


Chinese dota is in news with recent announcement of new chinese dota 2 squad Big God 2.0 with legendary dota 2 players like Zhang “Xiao8” Ning , Luo “Ferrari_430” Feichi , Xu “BurNIng”Zhilei  and Li “chisbug” Chen .

This announcement came from Zhang “Xiao8” Ning (TI4 winner) on his Weibo regarding his return to competitive gaming scene . Xiao8 is a veteran dota 2 player from china , back to the LGD days. He went on to join Newbee which became the International 2014 Champions. Shortly after becoming a ti winner , Xiao8 announced retirement from dota 2 scene on July 28, 2014.


After 3 years Xiao8 finally comes back  in news with announcement of Big God 2.0.
Squad :-

Luo “Ferrari_430” Feichi 
Xu “BurNIng”Zhilei
Li “chisbug” Chen
‘Shen Chao 无敌’ 
Zhang “Xiao8”

The position of new God 2.0 players are still not known but with the old role we can assume Burning to be main carry ,  Ferrari for mid , Shen Chao( 无敌)   offlane , Xiao8 postion 4 and chisbug position 5 support respectively. New player Shen Chao has been given a big role in new legendary chinese dota 2 squad . He is noticable at the mmr leaderboard of China under  top 100 players. CH (Chisbug) has been in touch with Ferrari for quite some time since WCG 2012. Burning and Ferrari needs no introduction. All the best for Chinese dota fans.


With that said , we wish Big God 2.0 all the best for the upcoming dota 2 tournaments and majors.

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