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You realize playing normal pub games has become boring for you and if you intend to have some fun then you can definately use soundboard to troll people around in pubs and games.
Today we see various twitch streamers and gamers use soundboard to troll. If you are looking for a free Dota 2 soundboard or if you want to make your own soundboard of any game then you should definately follow this post.


Dota 2 Soundboard – make your own soundboard in 5 minutes-

Step 1 – You need a soundboard software . Here i am using EXP Soundboard

Download link –

Go to website and click the download button.

EXP Soundboard
Step 2 – Virtual Cable software

website link –

Once you are in the website scroll down to VB-Audio Virtual Cable and click the download orange button .

VB-Audio Virtual Cable

Step3- You need to extract Virtual Cable software

Now if you are using 32-bit Windows you should install it from “VBCABLE_Setup.exe” and if are using 64-bit Windows you should use VBCABLE_Setup_x64.exe”. Note -64bit users run it as administrator.

Click on Install Driver.


Step4- Open soundboard app .

Select 1st Output as Speakers/Headphones.
Select 2nd Output as Cable Input. Tick on Use
Add sound clips. Click on Add -> Select . Follow the Screenshot below –

After selecting sound click on hotkey and select left button on keyboard “←”and select the button you want . I have unused numpad buttons so i selected numpad 1-2-3-4 for 4 sound files.

now just Steam and in game Settings .

Step5 – Steam and in game settings

Go to Steam -> Settings -> Voice -> Change Device .

Set Cable Output – VB-Audio cable as default.

Lastly , go to game Client . Here we take Dota 2 Soundboard so we will check Dota 2 audio settings.
Tick on Open mic in voice chat .
Set Open mic threshold to 0 or 5%.

That’s it . You are done with your own soundboard of Dota 2. Simarly you can customise soundboard to use various sounds for different games.

Hope you like this small tutorial post on how to make Dota 2 soundboard or any game soundboard in 5 mins.

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