ESL partnership with Mercedes-Benz kicking off with Hamburg DOTA 2 Major


E-sports event giant ESL Gaming just announced their global tournament partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The partnership will kick off with the first DOTA 2 major of the season, ESL One Hamburg 2017, with prize pool of $1,000,000 and will further extend across sponsorship of multiple tournaments in different countries and games.

“Our wide-ranging international commitment to sport allows us to accommodate the interests of our diverse target groups,” stated by Dr Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. “As a brand, we maintain close contact with our customers, are able to build up empathy and to become an accepted part of their world. We have been following the extremely fast-growing eSports segment for some time now and are firmly of the opinion that this new involvement will complement our existing sports sponsoring activities with an eye on the future and allow us to make contact with a very interesting, new target group.”

The CEO of ESL, Ralf Reichert conveyed, “We are thrilled to partner with Mercedes-Benz as the premiere automotive brand. This partnership represents an important step not only for us but for the whole esports industry. Allowing us to explore exciting mobility solutions for the fans and players across the world, growing esports together, and getting it to the next level.”

With these 2 big players coming together in the e-sports industry, the e-sports market will surely reach new levels, overall making it much more exciting with larger prize pools.

ESL One Hamburg will be the first Major of the 2017-2018 competitive Dota 2 season and one of the first opportunities to see the reformed teams battle for supremacy. From October 28-29, the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg will play host to eight of the best Dota 2 teams from around the world who are looking to secure early points on their road to The International 8.

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