new PS5 console ? new Playstation 5 release date


NEW PS5 console

All the console gamers are waiting for the next big console from PlayStation. 2017 has been an incredible year for console gaming community as well as saw big console launches – Nitendo switch and Xbox one X. So can you expect new PS5 console and new playstation 5 release date in 2018 ?

Xbox One X vs PS5

New PS5 console ? Playstation 5  release date ? playstation 5 wiki


If rumours are to be true , PlayStation 5 will be launched in 2nd half of the year 2018. There is no official announcement from PlayStation but if speculations are to be made for PS5 , however PS4 still is one of the best selling products of Sony.


PS4 sales record & PS5 release date

Some facts about PS4 –

* PS4 sold 20 million units last fiscal year.
*Sony just announced that, over the last four years, it has sold 70 million PS4 systems.

Now coming back to PS5 , Xbox One X specs would be deciding factor considering it as a competitor. Xbox One X  was launched on November 2017  as a superior machine vs PS4 .
Xbox One X  consist of eight-core 2.3 GHz CPU, paired with 12GB GDDR5 memory and a GPU sporting 40 compute units operating at 1172MHz.


new ps5 console ? new playstation 5 release date

PlayStation 5 main objective would be 4K streaming/gaming. Major question is will PS5 be disk-less console? Apart from 4K , fps is major part to be given importance to. We can have a PS5 vs Xbox One X vs PS4 debate when the official PS5 would be out .Streaming 4k is quite a problem for gamers because the average speed required to stream 4K is 25mbps and still internet broadband speed around the world is not quite fast to support 4K streaming without lag. We already have a reddit dedicated to PlayStation 5.

Do let us know what you are expecting from PlayStation 5 ?

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