Pokemon Go AR Photography contest is Running


Are you a photographer and want to win some cool Pokemon go swag gifts ?

Pokemon Go AR Photography contest is being run  by Niantic for Pokemon Go  fans around the world .  This contest will run till 0ctober 25 and people from around the world have the chance to capture some of the best Pokemon Go moments in order to win some Pokemon Go swag items.  The prices for this Pokemon Go AR Photography contest includes  Pokemon Go Plus accessory, a poster signed by the Niantic team, and wireless Bluetooth headphones.


So lets take a look at the rules for the Pokemon Go AR Photography contest :

The rules are simple for the contest , all you have to do is to take a screenshot of in-game moment and share in Instagram using hashtag #PokemonGoContest .  All make sure to include people in your shots with your favorite pocket shots.

Pokemon Go AR


The contest will be judge on the 3 factors for each entry: originality, creativity, and fun.
While most Pokemon will be lurking in the tall grasses around home, the best way to get your hands on the prizes will be venturing out to new horizons. The ten winners will be selected and notified via Instagram direct message on October 25.

To know more about the contest rules make sure to visit Niantic website .

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