10 PUBG Facts That you didn’t Know


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds popularly known as PUBG  has been emerged as the biggest game attracting a big audience  of gamers in 2017 and indeed gave a tough competition to some of the big competitive game titles including  League of Legends , Dota 2 , CounterStrike Global offensive .

Lets take a look at 10 PUBG Facts That you didnt’t know –

10) PUBG is so popular that gamers have bought  a virtual bandana nearly worth 1000 $ that came with the original pre order version of the game . Earlier only few people pre ordered and now this bandana has became a rare item which does not drop in any of the crates and is available only with the Original pre order PUBG bundle.

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2) PUBG set the world record for most simultaneous players at once .

The number of players which played PUBG  simultaneously records for 1,342,857 beating record of Valve  Dota 2

8) Brendon PlayerUnknown Greene creator of PUBG  , started in game design by modding ARMA series.

Playing DAYZ a mod for ARMA , led to Brendon interest in modding . Basic concept of PUBG was originated from Battle Royal mod Greene created for PUBG.

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7) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winners in PUBG are shown a message ” WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER “. which is a featured carry over  from Greene early Battle Royale game-modes . However the concept ” WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER ” dates back to old times .


“’Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ came from alley craps back in the Depression. They used to play craps in alleys and didn’t always use [money], but if they did it use [money] and they where winning, it meant they they could afford chicken for dinner that night.”

image source – onlyinyourstate
6) PUBG early access version was first made available on Steam.

PUBG first early access version was released on Steam platform on March 23,2017. Probably after early release , there sale sky rocketed netting 2 million copies sold in just 1 month .

image source – CNET
5) PUBG became best selling game on a single platform for  2017.

In late August 2017 , PUBG became the best selling game on a single platform for 2017.

4)  3D replays

PUBS  allows players to record gameplays with cinematic camera views not limited to just simple gameplay but great cinematic footage .

Source- Blitz esports

3) PUBG Adversitement ?


BlueHole Studios didn’t invested any money for advertisement of PUBG. PUBG became popular through its unique gameplay and word of mouth.

2.55% of PUBG owners are CS:GO players

According to Steamspy , 55% of PUBG owners are CS:G0 Players . Clearly the lure of a chicken dinner is mighty strong.
1) PUBG is coming to Xbox one X

PUBG has partnered with Microsoft as Distributor .PUBG   xbox one x version would be released soon with more awesome cinematic graphics before other consoles and developers are trying to cross match the competitive environment of PC and consoles at later stage .


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