Vexed Gaming roster change adds Titan KQLY permanent CSGO


Vexed Gaming has announced about there completion of csgo roster with the addition of Gauthier “Gauthierlelelele” Caron and Thibault “EMYOR” Soulet. This french duo csgo pro players will be joining Vexed Gaming roster after impressing performance in FPLC and trial held for the spot in September.

Along side this two players , Vexed CSGO squad has announced that Hovik“KQLY” Tovmassian has signed a permanent deal with the organisation after spending four months on trial with the team.

With KQLY ,Vexed Gaming finished at top 6th Place at online stage of ESL Championnat National Summer. 


Team Member member Victor “Roombang” Henkinet said  that ESL’s and DreamHack’s decision to lift all indefinite lifetime bans issued prior to February 2015 was welcome news for the team as they can now have “real and long-term” goals with KQLY, who was infamously VAC banned in November 2014.


“After these last months’ vagueness and uncertainties, I am happy to commit myself to a full-time team with KQLY as team mate,” Roombang said.

“The recent announcements about the evolution of the rules for players allow us to have real and long-term goals, as well as benefit from KQLY’s high-level experience, particularly when it comes to teamwork.

“I will act as the in game leader of the team and hope I can help us progress with a busy and diligent work program.

“I am committed to achieving this goal. I am also very happy to have my brother back in the team and see his motivation and commitment in this project”



Vexed Gaming roster consists of:

Belgium Victor “Roombang” Henkinet
Belgium Pierre “NpK” Henkinet
France Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian
France Gauthier “Gauthierlelelele” Caron
France Soulet “EMYOR” Thibault


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